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Welcome to my webpage!

Here I share my journey in music and the reasons behind my passion for the well-being of performing artists.

Starting as a young recording & performing artist, my life in music has provided me with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Songwriting emerged early in my career as a natural progressive step towards becoming a complete artist. Songwriting has served as a powerful tool for emitting emotions that I poured into the songs, reflecting my emotional place in life.

My music career is a pilgrimage with ups and downs encountered along the way. Overcoming adversities are only a part of my story that now equip me to pass on knowledge and expertise within the field of what it takes to be a solid musician with wellbeing at the core. The biggest key to succeeding is the art of self-belief and determination. There are, however, many other factors to take into account when embarking on such a career such as self-care and comportment.

​I'm a great believer in mentors and my music mentors were Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. These iconic figures had profound impacts on my musical development and sense of efficacy. As a signed artist, Mike Myers became my personal and professional mentor.  Having a mentor or coach is an invaluable asset to your career as it takes a multitude of facets to become a quality artist, otherwise known as a 'superstar'. Honing in on your craft is an obvious area for development, but your growth as a person resides in your spiritual space, mental well-being, and the right psychological attitudes. These basic principles all interrelate into the constitution of what being a great artist truly is.

My new book talks about my memoirs written through an analytical lens throughout my musical journey. My recording career has seen the production of several albums throughout my career.

You can hear all my music via Spotify

At fifteen years of age, the early start of my career had me privileged to work with acclaimed multi-award winner record producer Mike Myers. I've also had the privilege of working with songwriter/producer George De Angelis who was responsible for the mastered sounds of Rime.  I can sincerely say that all creatives I've collaborated with have contributed enormously to my artistic and professional development.  I am eternally grateful to manager Brinsley Forde who helped me bring me out of me and introduced me to the wonderful Tony Delaney for the creation of 'Miracle' now available to the world.

As a practitioner, I assist musicians with identity, resilience, and mental health. My doctorate research is within the field of health sciences, it is here I endeavour to contribute to the well-being of performing artists.

I hope you enjoy navigating around the site and feel free to reach out via the form below.


Mel X

Nova Luna
Nova Luna


Life as a Muso

My life in music has made me who I am today. Any professional musician will know of the ups and downs of the industry, the emotional struggles, and the highs of everything else in between that makes this journey unique.

At the age of twelve, I started performing at the local bars in Tenerife. In the mid-80s' I was one of the very first performers out on the island, and at that age, I believe I was the youngest. I have co-written and produced music with several accomplished musicians and the result has always been magical. Writing and collaborating is a special process of happening, it's inspirational to be a part of the evolution of your very own music. Pushing out my boundaries, I completed a Master's in Music that challenged me in new and diverse ways. I had written alone using only my voice as the tool for composing. This experience provided an exceptional journey for personal and professional development. 



My passion for the mental health of musicians comes from my own experience. I have developed my research and knowledge on the topic over the years which has seen me gain an academic degree. Taking the research further, I am currently working on my doctorate studying the concept of resilience and continue exploration around the emotional and mental well-being of performing artists. My company Meltopia is a new company that offers coaching, counselling, and mentoring. My company is designed from the heart to address issues and challenges for musicians.

Nova Luna

Women Song-Writers

It is my pleasure to speak about this project which is so close to my heart. This project has been so loyal and remains in my life after ten years of working with accomplished pianist, composer & arranger Boglarka Gerstner. These songs truly stand out as timeless classics and I am happy to say we are currently working on our follow up album :-) 

Facing Mel's Music

Podcast Show

Here I host my show and feature upcoming new artists worldwide. I chat to new talent and interview musicians with a focus on their personal journeys including mental health and wellbeing. Tune in to Facing Mel's Music on Spotify and all major platforms. Facing Mel's Music is designed for blogs and podcasts on emotional content and education.


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