Melanie Padron Golding

Inspiration and drive...

Mel started as a singer in the early days of her music career.


Born in Loughborough UK to British and Spanish parents, Mel's roots are firmly entrenched in the two cultures. A mix of her youth spent in England and another part in Tenerife. It was the island of Tenerife where the springboard for a music career had originated. As one of the early public performers' of the mid-'80s on the island, Mel's story truly begins here.

Mel's entire life has been dedicated to singing and making music. She's worked with talented producers and writers along the way such as Mike Myers, Brinsley Forde of Aswad, and met Phil Ramone, and Mike Appel in the USA. Her career has been colorful and has seen many changes. Mel's journey as a singer-songwriter has reflected the moves of her life and expressed through several genres and images. She has written a book that reflects this journey, she felt it important to highlight the harsh realities when trying to succeed in music along with the love for music and the need to look after mental health and spirituality.

Mel finds writing very therapeutic and feels it is one of the most effective ways of expressing inner content. Many of her songs reflect this with honesty and tend to have a twist in their lyrical content. When Mel writes, she delves very deeply into the meaning and enjoys the process of producing several angles to the material.

She believes in creating multiple interpretations for the listener when appealing to the mass.


The year 2008 saw a radical change in direction for Mel both personally and on a career path. She decided to venture out into other areas for a career expansion and entered into a world of therapy. Mel became a counsellor after fully qualifying with a degree in Counselling and began working with children and young people. It was during her studies that she reflected on herself and took an interest in the wellbeing of young musicians and their developmental processes throughout pursuing a career in the industry. She is currently working with clients who are in music and assists holistically in addressing mental health, resilience, and identity.

Aspiring Author

An author in the making, Mel is released her first book Facing My Own Music. This music biz memoir is based on Mel's life in music as a young person starting out and growing up within the industry. She talks about mental health, family, relationships, identity, and many other aspects including the politics of the music business. Included in her story are the people she worked with who she considered influential to her journey in music. I consider this book as an informative guide to the novice freshly walking into the music industry. Through a psychoanalytical lens, this intends to be of help and guidance for performing artists revolving around the concept of mental health, resilience, and identity.