Photo Gallery

Primary Days

My first holy Communion

School Pic

Me and sister Noelia in Bermuda

Aged twelve doing my dance lessons

A trip up to Mount Teide in the 80s'. I was fifteen and my sister was thirteen

Me and Nol 1988 - Singing together in Bar America of Las Americas - This bar was on the corner and held up to 300 people. It had a neon light cowboy at the top, you couldn't miss it!

Adolescence Days - Tenerife 80s

At fifteen years of age, I sold many cassettes at the end of each performance; this was the night I sold so many that I could buy my first Persian kitten! Percy

The Legendary Percy - My true friend and counsellor!

Always a good girl! I did my home chores!

My managers in 1989

1989 - Performing original covers including The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush

Billie Ashley - mid to late 80s

My first professional photo shoot in Tenerife. I was fifteen here and heavily influenced by Whitney Houston!

Great picture captured by friend and music lover Maggie Lennard - Always a fantastic support at all my gigs as an adolescent. Maggie became wife to my then music partner Ian Lennard - A great musician and fantastic guy... May you rest in peace X

Album Cover and insert for Soul Searching - 1997

Tyler Miles - 1997

Written and Produced by Mike Myers

Mike Myers and I at a dinner party - I was around twenty-three

DRIVER- Mike Myers, Jim Dooley and Danny Saxon, stunning writers and composers. These guys were compared to Chicago in the early 90s.

At Phil Wainman's Utopia Studios in London, Primrose Hill. 1992

Casey Benjamin and Mike Myers working on Casey's music, I was her backing vocalist.

Me and Casey Benjamin in Monroe Studio's kitchen in North London, Barnet

Filming 'Heavy'

Song written by Mel Golding and Mike Myers

Album Cover I created for the final release in 2022 Miracle- 2005

Jackson - 2003

Produced and written by Tony Delaney and Mel Golding, aka Jackson

Manager Brinsley Forde - 2003

Recognised for his accomplishments with Aswad. Meeting Brinsley in Tenerife was a fate waiting to happen!

A pivotal point in my artistic self-development just when things ended with Mike Myers. Brinsley was encouraging and brought out a new-found confidence in me. I am eternally grateful!

Tony Delaney - Co-writer and Producer for Miracle 2003

Introduced by Brinsley Forde

Tony has worked for artists such as Liberty X and Toby Baker. He is recognised for his composition accomplishments and continues to write for film and television.

Sitting with Suzy at the keyboard! I was writing my song Bringing me Out of Me; I had met Brinsley Forde and was about to embark on a new musical journey. Times were looking up!

The Jackson photoshoot was arranged by Brinsley. This was the one used for the album cover.

My best experience with rock music was with the founder of Rime, Joe Hodgson. A phenomenal musician, Joe is a truly gifted writer and one of the most dexterous guitarists I've ever worked with. 2009

Photoshoot by Will Cooper - 2009

RIME 2008-2010

Joe Hodgson, Mel Golding and Philipp G

Producer George DeAngelis and Philipp G

Produced by George DeAngelis

Written by Joe Hodgson, Mel Golding & George DeAngelis

CD cover designed by Martin Werner @ Goldsoundmusic 2010

2011 - Martin working his magic on the production

M.E.L 2010-2011

2011 - Taken by Martin at his studio in Hagen, Germany

Produced by Martin Werner

Writers: Mel Golding, Martin Werner, Mare Redweik

My managers in 1989

Nova Luna 2012-Present

Zoom writing session - 2022

CD Cover design by Boglarka Gerstner 2012

Photographer Vanja Euvermann 2012

Melanie Padron Golding Singer-songwriter

Boglarka Gerstner - Pianist/Composer/Arranger

Introducing Nova Luna

Artists & Composers